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Dharma Bam

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Wait a second.

You mean that when you OPEN it, the catch doesn't spring back out? But you have to tweak it a little until it pops out again, so that the next time you close it shut, it works.

Be very careful with that catch. There are all kinds of weird effects on the machine as a function of how tight the 2 screws are on the bottom, that hold it. Don't mess with them but if this is still a problem in 2 weeks' time, then very very slightly loosen them until it pops out. For the mean time, see the next paragraph.

What happens if you (when it's open) very very gently squeeze the unit (top and bottom)? If the catch pops out again, I wouldn't worry about it. Having the whole thing too loose will be a whole different problem, and after a while this problem you see will right itself.

Be gentle.

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