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How do you use MD beyond 2010?

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I'm interested in how people are using their MD gear now in 2011 and beyond. Please share your specific applications and reasons for them.

I listen and sample music, preferably alternative and electronic, from many sources inlcuding internet (offtheradarmusic.com, hype machine, etc.), satellite radio (sirius xmu, alt.nation, etc.) , hard drives from friends and compact discs. I enjoy finding new music so much that I try to listen as often as I can and try to have something new playing in the background throughout the day. I am listening right now! I've always been obsessed with capturing inspirational and motivational music to playback anytime desired. When I hear a track I like I mark it as a 'keeper', and it is recorded onto an MD compilation disc. I average about 18 - 22 tracks per MD in SP. Discs are labeled according to decade. For example, 70's are "Album #" 80's are titled "Volume #", 90's are "Disc #", 00's are "Capsule #" and now the 10's are "Registry #". Obviously, I retro-recorded the 70's, 80's and most of the 90's as MD wasn't available. I've been creating these discs since 1999.

When not sampling and searching for new music I'm listening to MD compilations. These compilations contain my 'cream of the crop' tracks which are pre-screened and selected totally without filler. So nice! One place I almost always listen to the compilation discs are in my '01 Honda CRV outfitted with self-installed Sony ES gear. Sony MDX-65 --> Sony CDX-C90ES/CDX-C910ES/CDX-M670ES --> Sony XEC-700/XDP-4000X --> (2) Sony XM-5046ES --> Boston Acoustics Pro 6.4 component system, 10.5LF subwoofer and (4) RM6 two-ways. Sound from this system is absolutely wonderful and I'm so thankful!! No mp3 players here! First, I find them much too small to view and operate while driving. Is there much difference from texting? Texting is illegal here in MI. I'm not so much worried about the ticket but my safety. I know the RM-X11 remote buttons so I don't have to take my eyes away from the road much. Second, they really aren't at home hanging from a wire in the dash. Bluetooth? No thanks, not hi-fi to my ears.

MD's are also the preferred format inside the home (if not sampling). I do incorporate a PC home network via (3) PS3's, one at each of 3 televisions. This is very convenient and sounds very good but has some drawbacks. First, energy consumption is greater running both a TV and PS3 instead of just one MD deck. Second, I don't have a TV at all locations I listen to music. Third, I do not yet own an MZ-M200 to upload the compilation discs into the network (this is definitely on the "to do" list).

I use a JA20ES to record at the PC real time via headphones. I use a JA333ES on a nightstand next to the bed connected to a pair of headphones. I use a JA20ES outside in a 4 season gazebo (satellite radio is the other listening option here). I use a JA50ES in a home theater set up. I use a JA20ES in the basement for exercise.

While at work I use a number of devices currently, an MZ-E33, MZ-R50 (too bulky and heavy) and a Cowon J3. This will change with the addition of an MZ-M200 and the capability to upload compilations to the PC. From the PC I plan to transfer compilations to the J3. Lighter, smaller and fit for that job. For outdoor cycling I use a Sony NWZ-A829, just perfect.

I back-up almost all music on compact disc, originals and burned. I have a wall full of CD's stored in their jewel cases in Can-Am cabinets. I prefer this method as hard drives will die. I believe manufactured CD's, if taken care of, will last you a lifetime. Burned, I'd say it has much to do with the manufacturer, in my own experience. With all these discs, both MD's and CD's, some sort of file system is needed. I cataloged my entire collection using OrangeCD Catalog which is a one-time subscription cost of $35 US. It's here - http://www.firetongue.com/purchase.html With this subscription you get unlimited upload capabilities to RacksandTags. My online catalog is here - http://www.racksandtags.com/cyberstasz/ Depending on your collection size, it may take some time. I came up to speed in about 9 months.

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I don't use MD so much at home these days, but I'm now using MD full time on the daily commute. I've tried various large-ish capacity MP3 players, and not found any to be as satisfying as my MZ-RH800 (or RH700) and its AM/FM radio remote. A 1GB compilation will keep me going for weeks, and I don't need to constantly worry about charging the battery.

Coupled with my Sennheiser CX300 phones, the sound quality is as good, indeed better than anything else I've tried, and though I'd like larger capacity discs and smaller footprint, I'm not tempted by anything else out there at the moment.

At home I've got a few MDLP decks (JB980, JE640, MXD-40), which I'll occasionallty pop a legacy disc into and play through the hi-fi. I've made about 350 SP/LP2 discs over the years, so a reasoable colelction. The decks also make great ADC/DAC's in conjunction with my other audo systems.

I also use my MZ-B10 a lot for music practice with recorded backing tracks, for which I find it an excellent tool. I don't do much general MD recording now, essentially all my MD units are downloaders or playback devices, but all in all MD's here to stay in my case.

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I dont use minidisc as much as I used to. In days gone by I used my decks to record all the comedies available on BBC Radio 7. I now have most of them and since they are on a repeated cycle the job is done. Any stragglers I use Radio downloader. A really great program. I then listen to them on a cheap HP NC4200 subnote book I bought for a measely

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I do use Sonic Stage. Unlike many people who like to hate the program, I think it a quite nice at ogranising my hundreds of files and seems reliable. Combined with Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio to edit my fles, MP3 AND ATRAC( yep really does edit all [ non encrypted? ] Sony mini disc files), quite a nice way to move mini disc some what into modern computer useage.

That's very interesting. Could you please comment a bit more on how exactly you are able to edit the Atrac3 or Atrac3plus files in Sound Forge? Can you move between the two programs - Sound Forge and Sonicstage - freely or are there restrictions? And even though it is a long shot....can Sound Forge itself import / export Atrac3plus files between the computer and a portable unit like say the NH700? Thanks

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You'll still need Sonic Stage (or QHiMDTransfer, when finished) to read or write a HiMD from the PC. There are checksums, and heavy duty (tripleDES I think) encryption involved in transfer. Sorry.

However for NetMD disks there is support to export directly to the USB-connected hardware. I am not sure how much of the "standard" infrastructure is expected to be there, but I know Avrin created a minimal OpenMG install suitable for use with SimpleBurner (and without the full panoply of SonicStage).

The SoundForge and SimpleBurner routes do not set the Track Protect flag. This flag is a real pain because you can not delete or modify (divide, combine, erase) legacy MD disk tracks that have it set. We also know the exact mechanism used so that when we finally get downloads to MD working the linux-minidisc utilities will leave it unset also (it is set by default for any properly authenticated download such as used by SonicStage).

You can interconvert forms very nicely with Sound Forge as I posted shortly after I got it almost a year ago. The only file format it DOES NOT understand is the .oma file that has 1411Kbps in it, ie WAV plus an OMA header.

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In days gone by I used my decks to record all the comedies available on BBC Radio 7. I now have most of them and since they are on a repeated cycle the job is done.


I bought a MZRH1 to download all the shows from minidisc onto my pc. I am about 1/3 way thru my collection. I may never complete the big job so will never get rid of the many MDs I have.

Same here, although my ambitions were limited to a few shows each of which fits, amazingly, onto a single DVD-R.

Would be interested in trade, but I bet you have the only stuff I already collected. Send me a PM if you like.


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I know a local band here in the Pittsburgh area and they let me record them so they have a reference to go back to. I use my MZ-M200 to record them. I've been making some more mix MD's and I have decided to buy a MDX-CA790X for my car so that I can listen to them in there. I was using mp3 cd's but I seem to have too many choices plus I have XM and listen to that in my car most of the time unless I'm doing alot of channel surfing and then I pop in a CD but now I will pop in an MD instead. I don't like how everything is getting to digital downloads. I like to have a physical copy of the music that I bought in my hand. As long as all my MD stuff continues to work, I will continue to use it. I just have so many discs and I wanted to use them some more so they didn't go to waste.

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My own philosophy is to record on MD the music that deserve to be in high quality sound.

That mean original Cds, lossless audio files and 320-256 kbps MP3 audio files.

SP mode is my favourite. Real time recording also.

Sonic Stage just to edit my MDs.

After some years with portable MD units, MD decks change my life.

If I buy a new MD portable, that will be a Net-MD type S one but I am also a lover of these heavy units of early 92s....as mini decks.

I have also a special relation with you all members as I represent Pierre (in France) who still sell 100 decks.

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My use of the MD units has grown rather than slowed down. The IPUDS don't seem to hold up, getting knocked and vibration from a car or bike takes them out.

The MiniDisc seems to keep on going and the sound remains the best.

My method of recording has changed, where I might record to a MD in the past, I record to CD for my MASTER and I make compilations on my MD. These compilations may remain in the library for years or I may erase them and record another compilation.

I don't use Sonic Stage. I heard of too many problems so I record with the line in. Not A Problem ONE! EVER!

I gave up on SONY MD Decks. I could not keep them working and Sony fixes them and they go bad with the first MD I attempt to play.

I found a Tascam MD recorder dec that I use for recording and playing at home. I am amazed and shocked, well not shocked, at all the people I talk to that want to know what I am holding. When I tell them it is a MiniDisc recorder, they ask what that is. Man SONY really missed the boat in advertising if these people don't even know what it is.

Then I let them listen to my head set and they insist I am listening to a radio. I have to take the disc out to prove it is a MD. Of course, people will ask what else it can do and I give them the speil, recording, editing, moving song tracks, fast selection, etc, sometimes its more information than they can take in. Most are truely amazed at this wonderful little gadget... Some actually ask where they can find one for themselves. lolol Guess the IPUD isn't all that, huh?

My MiniDisc units will be used as long as I can record and play the discs. They are perfect for travel, are built well for mobil use and the sound quality, as we know, is excellent, but then, I don't have to tell you, right?

Keep those MDs Spinning... Why else are you here?

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I have the best Himd setup. I listen to what I need to the RH1 and NH1 cause they're top of the range and I have 5 of them together. Then I make the best HIMD compilations of music called stuff like:

Techra Tracks

Future Tracks

Darkboy Tracks

Radiophonic Tracks

World Music

Vynil Tracks

Internet Files

Fun Tracks

DJ Quivver

Disco Tracks

Chill Mix

Student Film Music

Space Toon Tracks




Minimal Tracks

Dark Sci fi

Movie Tracks

Special Tracks

Ultraworld Code


Cold Storage

Pet Shop Boys

Music For Bad Boys


Ultraworld Memories

Singles And Dance Songs


Ratchet And Clank

I plan on making Hi Mdss into the future at the same 256kbps well into the future cause of it's superior sound quality using simple burner.

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I now use MD for :

- Recording my vocals classes, and other stuff that my Zoom H4n wouldn't record because of its size and its 40 seconds startup time(*). (For now I use my Sharp 702 because it makes much less motor noise than any Sony I own and has a 2 or 3 seconds startup time in rec mode)

- Vocal notes and ideas

- Radio & lectures recording

- "mixtapes"

- analogue tape backup

- MP3 playback :crazy: (on RH1)

- Other uses listed soon . For now : :lazy:


(*) That's why I sometimes hate these things. OK you can record up to 24/96 PCM and quickly share it on the computer. But... Very very long startup time, and poor onboard editing possibilities (you can't even rename files). I took the H4n because of its 4-tracks mode and the fact that you can record in the same time from built-in mikes + the two input jacks, which is cool when you sing while playing an instrument

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I use my MZ-R70 to record any musical ideas that might come to me while im playing guitar at home, thats how my songs come together really...sticking bits and pieces that might match. The other thing I do is I use my play station 2's optical port and record my CD's onto MD's via optical cable. that's pretty much it, thats how I use my MD equipment. Another recent use I have for my MD equipment is for bioacoustic analysis of frog calls. I'm an undergrad' biology student working on advertisement calls of frogs of a certain genus and I've started taking my MZ-R70 recorder and ECM-DS70P microphone with me to the field this week, I've been recording choruses as well as individuals for later analysis at the lab...we'll see how the field recordings turn out.

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i have an MDS-JB980, besides an MZ-N10 as the last of my decks and mini series respectively. Unfortunately, I can't get the internal battery for the N10 and regret this problem. The best I ever used was the Aiwa AMD-100 but discontinued bcos it could only record/play standard speed only and battery life made portability a problem.

There is no giving up on Minidisk, quality is awesome, portability convenient and life is impeccable. I have lots and disks recorded 10years ago still play same. Not withstanding that I endulge in mp3s mp4s with the worry of loosing my hard drives, I think my minidisks will last me forever. True I am still unable to transfer from my minidisk to my computer.

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I use my MZ-NHF800, Hi-MD unit, daily as my commuter unit for about ~100 minutes (M-Thur). At home, I do not use my Hi-MD unit at all. Being a Mac user at home, I stream all my music from iTunes to my stereo unit using my airport express, toslink. In the past, I have used my Hi-MD unit to record audio (second track) for home videos (and a friend’s wedding too). I later used GarageBand to mix the audio tracks, the audio quality from my Hi-MD is just amazing. It’s hard to beat the MZ-NHF800, uses a battery and has radio too. Reliability has been great too, no issues so far. I did replace the remote a few years ago after the original stopped working due to weather related uses (was exposed to rain, too many times).


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I mostly buy MiniDisc items on craiglist and sell them for more on Ebay. Most of what I have are pre-recorded MiniDisc albums, more than 70, with another 19 or so coming in the mail next week. In terms of recording and playing, i really only do ATRAC SP Type-R recordings. I use to use Hi-MD, but then got a Sony MP3 player and I use that to rip CDs and transfer music. I like the sound of the pre-recorded MiniDisc albums, very similar to CD, so that's why I prefer to do ATRAC SP recordings from now on.

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A couple of years ago, a third-party group came up with a program that allows uploads of recordings without the use of SonicStage. I record individual tracks into a multitrack unit, then dump them in PCM to MD. From there, I can upload them to a Linux box and do the editing.

For burning discs, I use SonicStage through Virtualbox.

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Iv`e been listening to music on Minidisc since 1997 and have a JB 920 in my home theater cabinet. I make mixtapes on MD then transfer to cd using the optical cable. I also own four portables ,that I listen to my compilations on. I love Minidisc today as much as I did 17 years ago.

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