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WTTF: MZM-200 or MZ-RH1

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I would like an MZM-200 or MZ-RH1 in any condition, as long as it has the battery, remote and charger, doesn't need the USB cable, or the mic, or any discs.

I have a few older players, MZ-N510, MZ-NE410, MZ-R500 and an MZ-G750 with the remote, and about 10 brand new Sony Neige 80min discs, and 5 brand new Sony Premium Gold 80 MDs I'd be willing to put on the table for 1 of these.

I'll even be willing to sacrifice my Rechargable sony CD player and its NH-14WM batteries!

Even if it needs a few simple fixes or is scratched to hades, I want it :)

I live in Western Canada, I have paypal.

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Hi walkdude,

I have the perfect (grey) MZ-RH1 for you, azureal will be "sur le cul" like we said in France

- scratched to hades because I put sticky fur on it to hide previous scratches, sadly I did more scratches just to get the fur off (even did not thought that petrol existed)

- some false contacts (hood screws are missing) but work fine with a binder (!)

- jog does not work properly (take time to change something in the menu)


- I have a Hi-MD remote (not original one but brand new)

- I have a charger (also not original one, Motorola charger, work perfectly)

- 3 LIP-4WM !

- listening and recording both work as long you are patient if you need to change something in the menu

- PC editing and uploading work also

- I even have 10 Hi-MD disks...

Cannot upload pictures today (one day lucky, another unlucky) with Sony Insiders forum tool so I upload pictures to imageshack.us/ : http://imageshack.us.../p10100902.jpg/

I live in Vietnam, I have Paypal too, I can send it with EMS worldwide mail express service

Make me an offer (excluding postage)

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Banged up as it is, it's still gotta be worth three figures, doesn't it?



Exactly. 20$ is not even the price for spare parts. As there are 2 more batteries (expensives), a brand new remote and its functionnalities in order (listening, recording, uploading), the price is 150$. Plus 30$ with the 10 discs. Plus shipping from Vietnam. Let us say 200$ in total. Do you check imageshackus ?

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Indeed, a nought was missed, $200 is a fair offer for all that. I'll get back to you at the end of the week, not sure if I want to get a new DJ controller first...


Ok, note that I hope that shipping will not cost me 50$... for me I said 200$ considering shipping will be between 20 and 30$. I need to check next days.

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