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My summer trip to Japan

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It seems only fitting that I read about Sony's announcement to cease production of MD Walkman while visiting Japan this summer. In the last couple of years I've stopped collecting music, sold 5000 CDs, and gave away my MD collection to a friend who was also an enthusiast. I've kept my two walkman and use them in the gym, but that's about the only use they get anymore. I'm sorry to see them go. They represent a period of my life that centered around music.

While walking through the central shopping street of Kobe I stopped in Yamada Denki to snap photos of the only two units I could find that included an MD player/recorder. And at the 100yen shop, I photographed their collection of blanks.

Hope you enjoy.






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Hi Jeff, I'm curious about 2 things:

1. What are the 90m disks in the third picture? I had no idea that such a thing existed, and would order some in an instant if I could

2. What is the model # of the "NetJuke" and what does it do? So far I have not seen an MD unit with an ethernet connection.

Nice to have you back here with us


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Sorry, Stephen, but those are cassettes.

As for the Sony bookshelf system, I don't know a thing about it but from the photo found the model number and then through a google search found this page at Sony Insider (from 2007):


Sony's Japanese page is here:


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