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NW-A1000 battery ?

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Going on holiday in July, probably going to use my Sony player on flight and while I wait in airport. At sometime the battery in the unit is going to run out, no where to recharge on airplane, does anyone know if there are any accesories, which can act as addtional battery. I sure I have seen one advertised for the NW-HD5, so is ther anything similar for the NW-A1000

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Well, from what i can see...

You simply have one simple option.

Since the A series takes it's external charge/power via the docking connector (and hence it's USB transfer cable), then it's really a case of butchering a spare USB cable of the right type (aka the type supplied).

At a rough guess, and it is totally untested.. just relying on experience here and hopefully that the deck is not too voltage sensitive, since it's native external DC charge/power source is 5V DC, it could potentially charge from a 4.8V-6V DC supply.

4.8V - 6V DC range also, suprise suprise, emcompasses the supply voltage arrangement of 4x AA/C/D cells (4.8V for 4x ni-mh, through 6V for 4x alkalines) - you get a higher discharge current off ni-cad/ni-mh which is (in the most simplistic terms) why 6V specced kit can often be powered by 4.8V of DC with a suffiiciently high current available.

So given you manage to isolate/determine which of the pins and associated wires in a butchered cable carries the postive and negative power connections - you could bring the cut end (aka the formerly standard USB connector end) of the cable into a 4-cell battery holder and connect postive and negative as normal to the two output terminals of the holder.

At a cost of some bulk, a 4x D Cell holder (using alkalines) could potentially give you the means to progressively charge the internal cell pack on-the-go, or overnight. An AA cell pack is the slim option.

Given the size of a 4xAA holder, about the size of a pack of cigarettes (slightly slimmer actually), a case about the size of a pack of 20 cigarette pack could hold the AA holder inside and still (at a push) leave room for a connector on the pack (a simple two connection type like a 2.5mm or 3.5mm plug/socket combo will do) allowing you to add the appropriate connector to the cable so it's unpluggable both ends, and then all you gotta figure out is waterproofing/dampproofing the battery case.

Got no ideas re supply and charge time as i don't have any consumption figures for the A series nor it's charge rate - but hey, go do a little research and all should become clear :D

Be Cool Always

'Tom Kat'

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