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RH910 vs. NH1 reliability

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my first post here, so hello to everybody!

I've recently rediscovered my love for Minidisc after about a decade, and I'm now thinking of getting more into Hi-MD.

I have an RH1 that's strictly tied to my PC for up- and downloading, so it won't get the additional wear from portable use. For that, I have an NH1, but its lack of an additional battery case (plus the weird stand it needs for charging) has always bothered me. So I'm thinking about getting an RH910, which not only has a battery case but also a much nicer display on the unit itself.

What bothers me is that I've come across some posts mentioning failures of RH10/RH910s. Mostly the display of the RH10, but also the RH910 failing to format or record 1GB Hi-MDs.

My use is primarily for playback, not so much recording. (I would have preferred to get an EH70 or EH50 player, but they're almost impossible to find around here.)

So here are my questions to those who have experience with the RH910 or both the RH910 and NH1:

If I don't record a lot - but only occasionally - on an RH910, will it last a lot longer as a recording device?

Even if it failed in the recording section and I wouldn't bother, is it at least reliable as a playback device or is the RH910 an all-around lemon that should be avoided, and should I stick with my NH1 instead?

BTW: What exactly does "RH" and "NH" stand for, what's the difference?



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MiniDisc Equipment Designation Information

by dex Otaku [Extract]


'MZ-Rx' type models: Recorders.

'MZ-Ex' type models: Player-only units.

'MZ-Gx' type models: Recorders with radio remote.

'MZ-Dx' type models: Downloaders and lack any recording capabilities *"D" is used as an extension of the model number, i.e. MZ NH3D

'MZ-Nx' type models: NetMD capable.

'MZ-NEx' type models: NetMD downloaders.

'MZ-NHx' type models: Hi-MD units.

'MZ-EHx' type models: Hi-MD player-only units.

'MZ-DHx' type model: Hi-MD unit with camera module.

'MZ-RHx' type model: MZ-RH1 being the sole 3rd generation Hi-MD recorder. (*is also Mac-Compatible)

'MZ-Mx' type model: Mac-Compatible Hi-MD recorders. (*MZ-M10/M100; the MZ-M200 is essentially the MZ-RH1 with a bundled microphone)

Models with 'F' suffix denotes units with tuner or tuner remote for listening to [but not recording from] the radio. An example: the MZ NHF-800 is a NetMD capable Hi-MD unit with tuner remote.


Type-R is a improved ATRAC codec for SP recording

Type-S have Type-R and a DSP to improve playback of LP2/4

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Thanks for your answer, but ...

MZ-Rx -> both are recorders, so both should be "Rx"?

MZ-Nx -> both are NetMD-capable, so both should be "Nx"?

MZ-NHx -> both are Hi-MD units, so both should be "NHx"?

MZ-RHx -> Sony switched from "NH" to "RH" with the second (not the third) Hi-MD generation, but why?

And why is the MZ-RH1 the "1" (after there already was a "10" and a "910")?

Doesn't make much sense to me. And that's exactly what has been baffling me.

Apart from that, I still hope that someone will chime in on the main topic.

(Really no pun intended on PhilippeC, I hope I get that across without misunderstanding, English not being my native language...)



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If you read all the designation without having in mind there were three differents time (MD time, Net-MD time and finally Hi-MD time), there is no sense at all.

Recorder mean with an optical line in.

During MD time : R recorder, E player

During Net-MD time : N for Net-MD download and recorder, NE Net-MD download but no recorder

During Hi-MD time :

1st & 2d generation :NH for Hi-MD download and recorder, EH Hi-MD player, DH for Hi-MD dowload, recorder & camera.

3rd : RH is specific of MZ-RH1 Hi-MD dowload and recorder, M Mac-Compatible Hi-MD recorders.

For your main topic question, I don't have any 2d Hi-MD generation unit !

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Well, my RH910 still works perfectly after 5+ years, but then it's not been my my most heavily used MD unit, or even close. That's my trusty NHF800 which has had almost daily outside use since day one of Hi-MD. So I'd certainly recommend that as a workhorse, or the NH700 which is basically the same but without the radio remote.

The RH910/RH10 seem troublingly flimsy, which is a shame as they're certainly much better in the looks department than the NH700/800, no battery hump and have potentially the best built in displays of any portable MD. Perhaps a case of style over substance, especially with the bits falling off / display failing horror stories. In truth I'd rather use/abuse my NHF800 daily, and drag the 910 out occasionally or just to show off.

As for the RH1, I never even considered that for portable use. Like you, strictly for uploading duties only.

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