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Hello everyone, I've been having some problems making copies of some recordings and im trying to switch from 'headphones' to 'line-out' but I don't see any line-out options in the user manual of the recorder, however it says in the minidisc.org description of the MZ-R70 that it can switch between the two...

Has anyone been able tu use this function on this unit?

thanks in advance


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Thanks sfbp but it also says to adjust it to minimum if necessary, wich gives me the impression that there is no real line out where the levels are set automatically, instead one has to adjust the volume until it sounds right...I want to know if there is indeed an''automatic'' option as in units such as the MZ-R90 or even the MZ-RH1 where one can simply command the unit to switch the output from headphones to 'line-out'

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You mean you would like a list of units that support the "LINE OUT" setting?

The manual is clear - with this explanation about setting to maximum they disclose that there is no MENU way of setting to line out. But that is all that LINE OUT is on these portables..... set volume to maximum.

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