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ONKYO X-B8 HiMD Micro System for sale!

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I'm selling my Onkyo X-B8 Hi-MD Micro system I bought in Japan in 2007. Everything works perfectly, but I now only use the timer to wake up to the radio in the morning, which is a huge waste for such a great system. Has 76-108 Mhz FM world band tuner so the radio works globally. Also has digital recording level adjustment, auto CD peak search, and the best timer I have ever used, that's why I've kept it this long. Has 4 separate timers with individual day of the week settings. Has bass, treble and 2 super bass modes. Bass and treble still work when super bass is engaged. Also has subwoofer output, and you can even name Radio stations. Records in all Hi-MD and regular MD modes. You can even select internal CD-MD recordings to be analog or digital! Back panel has loads of inputs and outputs. Comes with remote, voltage adapter for 120 volt use, original boxes, packaging, manuals, and 2 Hi-MD discs (1 open, 1 unopened) and one opened 74 minute regular MD. Instructions are in Japanese, but all menu functions and buttons are in English, so it is easy to use. Unit and speakers are in perfect shape, with just a bit of dust. Speakers are gloss white. MD drive was very rarely used, and mostly for playback, still has tons of life left. Unit is made in Japan, speakers in China.


Price is $1000 Canadian.

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Having just acquired, somewhat unexpectedly, a CMT-M333NT, and still waiting to get it working, I fear I am effectively out of the market for the moment. The M333NT supports M-Crew, which increasingly I find is a key resource. The B8 unfortunately has no USB connection at all. In an ideal world I would like it but my world is not ideal at the moment.


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Out of curiosity, I googled the machine to see what it was about, and I hit the news of original purchase, the seller's pictorial. Yeah, some kind of clearance at Yodobashi, but you can check it out over here:

I'm sure Onkyo had it initially at a much higher selling point. Looks like good kit.

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SFBP boght this from me last month so I am MD free for the first time since 1998 when I first got into it with a Sharp recorder...

And very happy I have been with it. I'd take USB connectivity as well but that was never going to happen, way too much (encryption and) software required. But the unit performs flawlessly and produces uploadable disks of whatever stripe for sending to PC via RH1.

Thank you Jeremy

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