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Sony MZ-N1 User Manual

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Hi Guys,

Just been playing my my MD unit and because i don't have a manual i think i may have '' wiped '' a bit of one of my MD's !!! I pressed the recessed button at the tip of the remote control (at the end of the volume/track bit of it), i suspect this may have set it to record ? Also on the MD's how do i protect them, i have seen a little plastic tab, should this be open or closed to prevent recording ? Ta guys, that will teach me to not touch before i know what the hell i am doing !!!!

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You will find the manual here.

From memory, there's no way you can initiate a recording from the remote. However the earlier models (including the N1) had a nasty feature where they started recording over what was already on the disc by default rather than continuing where the recording ended. You can change that - have a look at Page 33.

To protect the disc, slide the tab inwards.

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