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Service Mode MZ-NH1

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Try this - you'll need the RM-MC40ELK connected of course.....

turn on Hold

hold down group

FF FF RW RW FF RW FF RW || || (the last two are pause). (the user manual calls RW "FR", a strange designation).

(for all I know you may be able to do the FF and RW on the 40ELK but I wouldn't bother). However once you have it in Service Mode, you may want to use the Vol+ and Vol- buttons on the remote instead of the ones on the 5-way control.

To get out of service mode remove the battery.

Now, if someone could only tell me how to get into service mode for the EH70 (not that it matters since neither of mine has the Eurocap).

I recently bought one of the HD generation (NWZ-A1200 to be exact). All the Eurocap seems to do is to make the whole thing utterly muddy. Once I had removed it, I could listen happily at 10 or 11 where before had me turning it up to 19-20 and still cursing the loss of clarity which is the ATRAC trademark. Sort of like building a Ferrari and then insisting it run on cotton wool wheels...? I sympathise with your predicament.

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Well done! I edited my post to delete the reference to menu, since presumably the group button was the one required. If that's not the case (ie menu is the constant button held down) shout loudly. I don't want to be responsible for people trashing their gear.

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