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Disc Art

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I'm sorry if this subject is long-since dead, or if there is a much better source of images like this somewhere on t'interweb.

I really like some of the labelling and label art on MDs - to me, it completes a disc. I therefore include, probably to my embarrasment, a few pics of disc with "nice" labels.

Would love to see a few good examples (can't be hard to beat my efforts!!).


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more after sfbp LabelMaker5.1.zip download

theblueraja has done the best topic ever about MD & art

You can also get many ideas in fidding some galleries of pictures about MD on the web (Flick & others)

... and as a base for your imagination, you can use MD blanks pictures for testing : https://picasaweb.google.com/minidisc.channel

print a label (playlist)

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