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Selling mds and HiMd

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Please keep some of them (one hundred) because I will come back in France next christmas :yes:.

Edit : I saw again your Picasa collection. it is very attractive. I can transfer some money on my Paypal account from my french account but sadly I don't have enough for all your collection. Can PM me a more detailled list base on your Picasa pictures & Picasa MD channel ?

I not interested by your Hi-MD disc (I prefer classic MD) but I know that phamcu will be soon interested if he buy one or two unit to riverrock... And if I come in France, I can bring them back in Saigon for him, or his sister.

No idea if he could be interested by some classic blanks but let me ask him.

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Hello PhilippeC,

I'm trying to sell duplicates in my collection, my collection you see on picasa is holy :-)))

I really have to sell a thousand mds, it is obvious that the most common I sell them at that amount, while the more rare are more expensive.

md to the low price sony colors are classic, premium, neige, colors tdk, maxell colors, all of various series.

I have them divided into A, B, C, A is close to the new (very slight signs of wear), B with visible signs of wear but light (visible only with the incident light and no signs on the shutter) and C with severe signs (I I use them as spare parts for me).

They are already cleared and without labels.

In the coming days will photograph and post them on picasa better images than you can see the folder on sale.

Given the large amount of mds to sell, it's easier than you send me a list

of mds that interest you.

Before you sell or mds I send a picture or a scanner so that the buyer can actually see what he buys.

Have a good day


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