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Recovery of accidently deleted Hi-MD audio file

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New to the forum but been using HI-MD for a longtime. I recently made a live soundboard recording of my band. It was one of the rare occasions when we all played well, the soundboard mix was great, and the recording sounded great. I went to transfer the file to my computer using Sonic Stage. I highlighted the file on the transfer screen to go to my library and bumped the delete key on my keyboard. Now its nowhere to be found.

Can Sony Media Services recover a Hi-Minidisc audio file from a 1 gig hi-minidisc floppy? I know the file name and length in min. I've spent a day emailing Sony Media Services who told me to email Sony Recording Media and calling 2 different Sony India customer service numbers. The first rep didn't know and lead to a dead end. The second rep told me to simply fill out the authorization form and send it in to Sony Media Services. I was just curious before I pay the shipping if anyone knows if this even sounds like a file that could be recovered? Any other possible recovery tips are appreciated as well. I will certainly be locking the write protection on the disc from now on that's for sure!

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The second rep was, I believe, correct.

I think that you should ask if they charge when they don't find anything.....

There IS a backup copy of the directory on that disk (just like FAT). Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to mess with this disk in Windows.

It's highly likely someone can get it restored. You should tell this to Sony. There's exactly one person in the world outside Sony I would trust to have a go at this. If you absolutely get no sense from Sony, come back to me and we'll see if there's anything to be done.

Welcome to the forums!

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I have a similar problem using a MD MT80. I recorded onto the disc checked the tracks were playing back okay which they were, when I got home went to transfer to computer and all it says is Blank Disc. I know the info is on their as I played it back and it said writing. Is there anyway to retrieve this lost recording?

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