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Sony CMT-C7NT (MDLP + NetMD) - any views

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A rare beast, not particularly desirable IMHO

- You'll find the CMT-M333NT/373NT to be more commonly available.

- The speakers on the C7NT are special with weird connectors.

- Finally, I'm not sure whether the C7NT has the (superior) Type-S DSP chip. The later 333/373 definitely does.

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Hey, I considered that system too. The C7NT is so cool! Especially if you get the green one, even the speakers light up in green!

But I passed because it's just way too old. 2001... think about it, 11 years... I'm not sure if it can last another 10 years. Remember, people really used their systems back then. A lot of mileage.

I chose the Z05 because it was made in 2004, and it was used lightly and probably stored away.

BTW, the CMT-A01MD is another cool system to consider. It has a lot going for it and probably used lightly by their original owners too.

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