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MDs While Driving

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I've been listening to podcasts on my iPhone and I've noticed that it is a huge pain to play podcasts or music with touch screen devices. Same with Android. So much of what you're doing is navigating. I just want to hit play.

I started using my MD player for podcasts and I've found that it disrupts my driving a lot less. Mostly because it's tactile interaction and I can keep my eyes on the road.

Just wanted to share a reason I recently realized with MDs use!

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TOUCHSCREENS? Get me too far away from the Linux command line, and I become disoriented ;-)

Seriously, though, MD is fairly easy to use while driving. I have a flip-down face on my car MD (Sony MDX-C7970), which requires a bit more attention than my wife's slot-faced MD head unit (Kenwood KMD-673R). One thing I like about mine is that the volume control is rotary, not separate up/down buttons. In either case, it's all good. Just great for audiobooks.

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Hear, hear. I have in-dash CD and almost never use it as I don't have CDs anymore (got rid of 5000+ a few years back). I have both an MP3 player and an MZ-NH600D run through the aux-in and almost always prefer the MD to the MP3. As has been noted, the buttons are easier to navigate one-handed while driving.

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