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Mini-disc decks and MD walkman for sale

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I've got two min-disc decks for sale and a Net MD walkman. Here are the details:

1) Used Sony CD and Mini-disc deck. Model # MXD-D40. Great condition. Remote and cables not included. $200, plus shipping.post-131746-0-30990800-1353022607_thumb.

2) Used Sony mini-disc deck for sale. Model # MDS-JE510. Great condition. Remote and cables not included. $150, plus shipping.post-131746-0-09677100-1353022653_thumb.

3) NEW Sony High Speed Net MD Walkman model MZ-NE410. Brand new in the original packaging. Comes with mini-disc, cables and headphones. $175, plus shipping.post-131746-0-21018400-1353022666_thumb.post-131746-0-92460100-1353022684_thumb.

You can find product descriptions (better than what I could write up) here - http://www.minidisc....nt_browser.html

I'm located in Austin, Texas and would be happy to ship these items to you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Cheers, Eva

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I agree. People here know what a correct price is.

Check this bid, Sony MZ-E10 Personal Mini Disc Player 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition, rare!


after discussion

and it was a very high-value portable unit on the second hand market.

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