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Side topic? Sticker Labels

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Memorex makes the worst labels in the world to remove on minidiscs!!! I've been sitting here with Goo Gone and only able to remove 2 labels every 10-15 minutes. It sucks. TDK and Sony are much easier to remove.

I wan to scream right about now.

I've noticed this too about Memorex labels. It's hard to remove them. What else can we use?

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Just had one hell of a job getting labels off a bunch of Maxell discs - but there's no guarantee the labels used were the ones that came with the discs. They have 'TITLE' printed at the top and then eleven separate horizontal spaces for writing, with alternate light grey and white background. Are these the ones you are having trouble with too?


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Those are definitely Maxell labels Jim. In my experience those grey and white striped labels are generally some of the most difficult to remove, although I do rarely come across sets of seemingly identical ones that can be removed very easily. I presume these easy to peel stickers come from a different factory.

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