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Transferring library to another computer

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Now that I have been able to install SS successfully on my new laptop that is windows 7 64, I would like to transfer my SS library from my old desktop to it. I've done a search on "transferring library", but nothing useful is popping up. I'm sure there must be some useful guide out there. Can anyone help? Thanks...

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Step one: have you run the FCT and decrypted everything?

We can talk about possible strategies as soon as that issue is put-to-bed :)

One strategy is to leave everything on the desktop machine and connect to it from Laptop, remotely. Anyway, more anon. Don't do anything hasty like copying all the files... there are several different approaches which work, and we can help you choose one.

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I guess my answer to step one would be a no. Actually, my knowledge of computer terms is somewhat limited and i have no idea what running FCT is.

I vaguely remember a few years back that there were instructions somewhere on how to do this. I thought it involved running SS backup and then somehow transferring that to the new computer. I also seem to remember that this would delete the files from the original computer, so everything had to be done very carefully.

I have a portable HD that I could transfer the library to. That seems to be the easiest answer...

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You MUST (absolutely MUST) run the File Conversion Tool (available from Tools in the main menu of SS) before you try to do ANYTHING AT ALL.

This will remove the decryption which currently locks the playing of your tracks to that computer (nay, that exact install of SS!!!!!!).

Be very careful but please don't try to use any "conventional" backup means, or try doing System Restore (Windows) or you may lose buckets of stuff forever.

This will take quite some time. You have to deselect the box that says "add copy protection". In doing that, you are "liberating" the files from prison. Don't check the box which says "delete OMG files", either.

Don't try to copy or move anything before you do this.

Then we talk more.

Note: some files are NOT encrypted... mp3, WAV, AAL. and so will not have anything done to them.

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OK sfbp,


Believe it or not, I'm finally getting around to doing this!  I had decided a while back just to use my old XP computer for what little Sonicstage I was using at the time.


Now I have a Windows 8.1 laptop that I was successful in installing Sonicstage.  I'd like to move the library (115 gb) to it.  I did run the FCT and also backed up to a portable hard drive.  What should I try next?

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You might be able to transfer the entire db and data if you can manage to put everything on the new machine at the same folder eg g:music as it was before the move.

The sony restore ought to work tho' I suspect the windows firewall will interfere with the connection to Sony's server and should be turned off. WFW is not critical if you have your own NAT router anyway.

Worst case you simply tell SS to scan the new location. The only disadvantage with that is you will lose any custom ordering of tracks within groups (folders). If every file starts with nnn- then you will at least get that (numeric)


I'm not telling u how to install SS. Come back if you get stuck on that.

You might opt to simply keep the music on the portable drive. But that's maybe not what you had in mind....

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