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Need some help with this software (transferring)

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Hello all,

I have a few questions regarding the HI-MD Renderer. First let me just say I am thrilled to have found software other than sonicstage to manage MD and audio files. It seems like this software has many other conversion capabilities that sonicstage does not.

My questions are:

1.) I have an MZ-RH10 and I was wondering if I can transfer tracks to the recorder using the renderer software, if so how do I do this?

2.) Also the MZ RH-10, being a HI-MD recorder, has the capabilities of playing SP and MDLP discs (Net MD Mode.) Now...when I insert a NET-MD disc and connect the device to my computer, the computer device manager as well as sonicstage recognizes it as a Net-MD. When I click on anything to do with Net-MD in the renderer program, I get an error message as follows: "ERROR:[2174-0-7F]: Failed to scan for NetMD devices. Please make sure you have the NetMD device connected. If the device is currently connected then try disconnecting and re-connecting the NetMD USB cable."

Could this be that it only works with true "Net-MD Devices?" I wouldn't think so being that the computer itself, as well as sonicstage recognize it as a Net-MD with a SP or MDLP disc inserted.

3.) Is there a "help file" for the renderer software? The link to the creator website is broken.

4.) The encoder seems to be 10X FASTER than sonicstage when transferring files from the HI-MD to the computer. Can I select multiple files at once to upload to my computer? That would be freakin awesome!!!

Any help is much appreciated!!



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