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[WTS] Sony DAT blanks

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Assuming there're still DAT heads around and browsing in this forum, here's what I'll offer:

1. Sony DAT (standard grade) 120mins, 12 available (10-pack box plus 2 individual packs). $7.5 each;

2. Sony DAT (ES grade) 120mins, individual pack, 5 available, $9 each;

3. Sony DAT (standard grade) 60mins, 2 available. $5 each.

All brand new factory sealed and have been subjected to semi-climate controlled (ie. cool, dark, dry) storage.

Shipping charge depends on amount and destination.

Paypal payment only.

Interested parties please reply to thread or send PM. Thanks for reading.



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Still available for those who need them...

Doesn't seem to be much interest in blank DATs here. I always wanted a DAT, now I have children and MD is the best I can hope to have without it getting destroyed ...

Um... no. MD is good, but it's also dying as the next best thing is flash media. Now I'm looking into the PCM-M10......

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