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Gumstick battery for an MZ-E25

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Tom in RI

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(Edit, that's MZ-E25)

I was rummaging through some of my stuff today and came up with the box that the 1st player I ever bought came in. No idea where the unit is but the box and manual are intact. I also have the gumstick battery and charger that came with. The battery is marked 1.2V 600mAH, can I assume it won't work in any other MD unit?

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I think that's just a smaller capacity version of the NH-14WM style battery used by many portable MiniDisc Units. It would work in other units but would not last as long as usual as most newer units were supplied with either the NH-10WM or the aforementioned NH-14WM with capacities of 1000 and 1400mAh respectively.

Also, if the battery has been around since 1997 or thereabouts, it will most likely hold far less charge than it did when new, if any at all.

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The E25 is a dual-battery model, and will take gumstick batteries or AA rechargeables, so there's no need to buy expensive gumsticks as AA NiCD and NiMH can bought very cheap these days.

And whilst on the subject of the E25 (and some other early 'E' models):


If you insert a 3v adapter into the power socket of a player that is designed to use the 1.5v mains charger, and both use the same size socket for some stupid reason, you will DEFINITELY destroy the DC/DC converter chip on the main circuit board. I see lots of these units that are dead, where the owner has plugged in the 3v adpater they use for their more recent Sony gear. And these power converter chips can only be got from other Sony players that I am aware of. The full list is:

MZ-E25, E30, E32, E33, E44, E45, E55, E75, E80, EP11.

You have been warned!


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