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a power bank for a lot of devices & MD units >= DC in 5V

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  • 2 years later...

I send a copy of this web page to Adblock Plus. There is an advertising inside my post if you see it like me.

Nonetheless, I come back here to say that I bought a new Power Bank - Adata PT100 - which has the advantage of not needing to push any (damned grey button on the second picture) button every 5 minuts like the MP-10000 during a MD listening with my RH1 without LIP-4WM inside. Sadly charging my old LIP-4WMs is still a pain, they do not hold the charge enough anymore. I AM HAPPY, now I can travel without LIP-4WM (I use to put my RH1 in a pouch and the power bank in a small bag with my MD disks). Got it fot 3 times less than the MP-10000 for the same capacity.





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Hi Philippe

1. The pictures were nothing to do with amazon link. You managed (not sure how) to paste extra stuff into the post previously. No need for adblock plus. It's also possible that these pictures came as a result of hacking - we have seen from time to time large numbers of web pages altered, and if anyone comes across any more, it will be time to contact Christopher who fixed the thousands of posts the last time something like this happened. For now I have simply edited them out for you.

2. You may be interested in this, same as yours but less than half the size (although of course I cannot easily tell the size of your picture. I went by the dimensions relative to the larger USB connector).


If this style isn't powerful enough, you can see there are many others with intermediate ratings (between yours and mine).


PS One more thing. The fact that YOUR post got edited suggests perhaps your account may have been hacked rather than the site. You should change your password immediately.

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I picked up a five pack of the "Power Bank" cases Stephen links above, it was about $2.50US.  Then grabbed a four pack of the LiPo cells for around $12.00US.


They work pretty well, but I would be surprised if the rated 2200mAh of the cells is right, they don't seem to work too well to recharge a mobile phone.  It seems they will only raise the level of my phone 15% when the phone battery is rated at 2400mAh.

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