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Better CD optical ATRAC SP/LP2/LP4 recordings

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If you have a music CD that is loud, when doing a CD optical recording, you can lower the recording volume on the minidisc recorder down to 22 or 21 (the default is 23). This can eliminate clipping and distortion if the CD source is too loud. I just tested this with ATRAC SP and Michael Jackson: Off The Wall (remastered version) and it sounds great, like it was pre-recorded in the studios. Also, if you have a CD that is too soft, you can raise the recording volume to 24 or 25 with no distortion or clipping. I did this with the Forrest Gump CD soundtrack. On most minidisc units, you must turn off the Sync Recording, then adjusting the recording volume, then turn on Sync Recording.

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I am not sure how that can happen.

Surely something that is clipping with still have that sound even when the recoding level is turned down.

Unless ATRAC lossy compression takes some of the edge of the clipping?

When you rip a CD to MP3 and then measure the volume with MP3gain, it will show you if the tracks have clipping. When you reduce the volume of the MP3s, the clipping is removed. This would apply to ATRAC SP, i'm assuming.

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