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SONY Sound Gate CD MD Stereo LAM Z03 Japan Mini Disc

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Pham Cu (and many other vietnamese guys but not engineer in electronics & MD lover like him) sell similar Hi-MD bookshelves 3 times cheaper :


And one member of my viet-khieu family from "Cali" is still here in Saigon...


but I don't think he sell the bookshelf with all accessories, I need to ask him to get details.

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That is cute, but the only unit in that LAM series I might spring for is the X1 which does HiMD. However, Jim had one in for repair and he says that construction-wise those are not very good. I'm happy with my Onkyo (X-B8) but already looking over the shoulder to the day when it breaks (see Richard's post ). That's the problem with all-in-one gear, I suppose, one thing breaks, the whole thing is rendered inoperable.

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The X1 was a very disappointing unit. My friend Norman in Lancashire brought it over for me to look at several months ago, and I had extreme difficulty even getting into it. I always divide gear into two camps: solid, basic, obviously repairable, and so on. Then there is cheap, plastic, clipped together, never designed to be repaired. The X1 fell into the latter case. I found one screw on the case, which allowed me to prise open clipped-together plastic panels. When I eventually got to removing the front panel, the only way I could see was to forcibly prise it off as with the upper and side cases. Unfortunately this lead to the silver paint-on finish on the inner side of the panel to start peeling off, making a mockery of any attempt to fix. And as the original problem was the CD/MD doors falling off (cheap plastic design again), I gave up on it.


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