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Sony MZ-M100 - what's it worth?

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I have seen MZ-M100 and MZ-RH10 go for 200 - 300 USD sometimes more.

If you are selling on eBay you really have to let the market drive the price, if you try to sell it on eBay and force some high reserve price it is much less likely to sell.

If you plan to sell, look to see how many other units of the same type are currently up for sale, try to list when there are fewer of your model up for auction.

Or ...

Offer it here to your friends on the board at a fair price and you avoid many of the scamming pitfalls of eBay!

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Wow, it sold for 145! That is a great price for an RH10.

Ebay states that auctions that end on Friday or Saturday evenings don't sell as high as listings that end Sun-Thursday evenings. You have to time it right. Also, the user showed no pictures of the unit working or ON. If he put several buyer restrictions, that has an impact as well. This should have sold for $250 or more.

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