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UK MD user with broken MZ-RH1

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Tango Whiskyman

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My much loved and regularly used MZ-RH1 unit has broken. Problem is the carriage has worked loose and will no longer retain discs / close securely. Elastic band option doesn't work! Usual sources not interested in repairing it as you can't get spares these days. Does anyone know anyone out there that does repairs in UK? Thanks in advance.

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Jim Hoggarth may be your man.

I say "may" because although he is an expert with MD, (he's fixed one of mine) be despises the RH1 because of its poor quality construction, and you may have to spend some time coaxing him to have a look at it. Have a look at post #12 on

Yes, you might. But then again this does sound like it may just be the disc-in switch at fault. Original poster, please send me a personal message or email me at jim.hoggarth@blueyonder.co.uk


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trottr3 / HD / Jim - thanks for following up. I solved the carriage problem by simply screwing / unscrewing the unit back together again and on the 3rd or 4th attempt it worked. No idea why that worked but I then forgot I'd put out this plea.

Jim - I'll possibly need your assistance / wisdom in the future so will bear that email address in mind - and the 'coaxing'! Thanks again.

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