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SonicStage question

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Hi Folks,

I have a question about SonicStage. I have avoided SonicStage for years for multiple reasons. I've always tried to use SimpleBurner only. I dislike having to keep any sort of library of my tracks in digital form on my computer. I enjoyed the simplicity of CD-->MD.

Using SimpleBurner worked great for years, while my music collection was solely on CD. However, I find now that I have more and more music in non-CD format (downloaded podcasts, MP3 collections, etc., tracks on USB voice recorders) that I need to get on MD, SimpleBurner isn't enough. I need something that will allow me to get an mp3 on my NetMD portable (yes, I know, it must be transcoded to ATRAC, but that's okay).

So, I've just installed SonicStage 4.3. However, I still do not want to have to keep copies of the songs I transfer in SonicStage's library on my laptop's hard drive. Is there any way to get SonicStage to behave as a simple facilitator of transfers WITHOUT having it store a copy of the audio file on my laptop's hard drive?

Really, what I would love, is something as simple as SimpleBurner that also handles MP3s, wavs, etc. Sounds like the LinuxMinidisc project will eventually do something like this, but if it is ever done it will probably be years from now.

Any suggestions for doing what I want to do in SonicStage?

Also, is that check-in, check-out nonsense now gone from SonicStage 4.3? I hated it when I couldn't manually delete a song from a Minidisc because it had been transferred under SonicStage and now said "PROTECTED".


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