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Which portable (any make and model) has the nicest headphone output?

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We all know the different portables have all different headphone output sound - but which one do you like?

I am talking about directly powered headphones - not using a seperate amplifier.

The nicest to my ears is the Sony MZ-NH700. Without using bass boost or effects it gives a clean and neutral sound that works with all music types. I don't use in-ear headphones but a set of 1990's JVC 'on the ear' larger ones. These give better bass anyway.

So what model do you think has the most appealing sound from the headphone socket?

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Last night I listened to a pre-recorded MD (Massive Attack - "Blue Lines") that I put onto an audio cassette. I played it on my Sony Walkman D6C and to my ears at least that machine has a superb headphone output. It sounds like listening to the headphone output on a full size MD deck with bass energy that is almost limitless. I wonder why such a headphone amp was not used on their MD portables?

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My ranking of the units I own:

1. MZ-E900

2. MZ-NH700, MZ-RH710 and MZ-NH600 (not much difference in SQ)

3. MZ-NH1

4. MZ-RH910

I use the MZ-RH1 only connected to my PC to put music on the discs.

The MZ-DH10P has good SQ but the battery is very soon empty and the nice screen is mostly dark so I almost don't use this unit.

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According to my hearing which may not be perfect or trained for this technical comparison, I also find the two models the MZ-NHF800 (similar to MZ-NH700) and MZ-RH710 which I own to be very similar in sound quality at Hi-SP (256) using my Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. I also believe that 352kps sounds a bit better on my MZ-NHF800 than on the MZ-RH710. Since my MZ-NHF800 is my commuter unit it could be that my hearing is accustomed (bias) towards the analog amp of the MZ-NHF800 instead of the digital one on the MZ-RH710. This is just my observation.

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