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Wanted: Looking for the elusive Bit Club MDs...

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Grungi Ankhfire

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...you know, the ones with traffic lights on them? I am also interested by other Bit Club designs, so contact me for those too maybe!

The people who have got that series probably do not want to sell it, but if by chance one of you do, contact me to discuss the price!

By the way, living in Belgium if you want to get an estimation of what the shipping cost will be.

I am really, really looking hard everywhere for them.

Thanks for your time!

For reference, I am mostly interested by these https://picasaweb.google.com/101390078097751447444/TDK#5850667810333829122

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Good luck! There was recently the blue traffic lights on EBay, but you will struggle to get this set I'm afraid. Last time it sold on EBay it went for a silly amount of money.

Do you have any Bit Clubs at all? The most common are Fire/Blue Circles/Pink Lady/Zebra. Then Mona Lisa/Yellow Arrows/Bar Code. Pink Circles/"Outstanding Performance"/Blue Traffic Lights come up every now and then but are getting hard to find. The rest...well, good luck! I'm still searching for the 'US Maps' which I've yet to see in the last 3 years of collecting!

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Great stuff Grungi! I saw that those 6 Bit-Clubs had been sold - a great start to your Bit Club collection. Now the hunt begins...

In the meantime (while you search for Bit Clubs) other great discs I recommend are the Axia 'Select Your Style' discs, Maxell 'IRO IRO IRO' five pack and Victor XKAI discs (80 minute discs especially).

Sergio - I don't know any more than you in regards to Bit Clubs. I don't know if the names I gave to the Bit Clubs are correct, I just used names that described the look of the discs.

Happy Collecting! :good:

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aloha Sergio

if u can translate http://av.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/20020903/tdk.htm that page.

I don´t know if this is out of date.. but maybe worth a try.

I believe the one to ask is our new member Qualia007. He´s got more than 40 E-10´s .. i still can´t believe that.

I have only Mona Lisa bit club Mds by myself. Still one 3pack sealed, :D

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Sergio: They were around $60? Plus shipping? Something along those lines, so I think an honest price, since they were sealed. But, and there I'm going to piss all the "true collectors" amongst you, I still use my MD pretty often, so I actually went ahead and opened them up. So they're not as valuable now ^^;

Zokuchou: Yeah, all those are awesome designs! I keep an eye out for all the designs I do not currently have, even though my main focus are those traffic lights :D

Punkrockaddict: This page is from when they announced the release of those discs, so unfortunately that is indeed out of date :(

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