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Just found my treasure box of Hi-MD equipment - Updated, even more...

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:crazy: Found My Gold Mine from 7-8 Years Ago :crazy:

2x MZ-RH1's

25x (+24) 1st Gen Hi-MD's

18x (+12) 2nd Gen Hi-MD's

2x Original MZ-RH1 Chargers (AC-S508U)

3x Original MZ-RH1 Remotes (RM-MC38EL)

2x Sets of Sony Headphones,

2x Fux Black Leather Cases

2x Sony Branded Soft Draw String Pouches (Grey)

7x Li-ion MZ-RH1 Batteries (LIP-4WM)

1x Optical Cable (Mini jack to Mini jack)

1x Sony CD DiskMan With Optical Output For MiniDisk (D-EJ825) [NOT PICTURED]

1x Fiio E17 24Bit USB/Analog DAC

I wonder whats its all worth....?

--- NEW 7th Nov --- Just found an extra folder (thought it was a folder of CD's...!) with another 24x 1st & 12x 2nd Gen Hi-MD's

:mda: MD's are numbered and there was a paper inside saying what was on each disk - I don't remember doing this.....! :mda:


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Seriously. Those blanks alone are worth a fortune!

At my current count I have 79x Hi-Md's (unless I find more....)

So at current eBay rates of 25$-40$ for one disk that would be $1975-$3160 just for the blank media.....! Errrrrrk :heat:

I never knew my Hi-MD equipment and media would become an investment....! :imsohappy:

I've been using one of my MZ-RH1 to listen to lots of awesome 80's stuff I recorded from my parents groovy record (LP) collection. Recording was done in PCM format (as is most of my collection of Hi-MD's. This explains why I have so many of them).

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C'est juste impressionnant!

Je ne crois pas avoir vu autant de HI-MD en visuel!!

Pour l'estimation haute (basé sur les prix eBay) j'irais plus entre 2300€ et 2500€ maximum.

Je compte 15€ par Hi-MD (1200€), 800€ pour les RH1, 150€ pour les LIP-4WM (occasion), 100€ pour le Fiio E17 (129€ neuf), 20-30€ pour le D-EJ825.

Après il est possible d'avoir du moins cher. J'ai acheté mon RH1 complet en boite 100€ et je viens de trouver des Hi-MD à 8€ pce (7 en tout)!!

Les prix ebay, ne sont pas une référence à suivre.

Suffit d'être patient et de trouver "La Bonne Occase"!

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Damn, I wish I would've collected the "1GB's" like I did "80min's" back when they was dirt cheap. Didn't go with my gut that time either, and its gonna cost me in the long run. First gut feeling, Blu-ray changers. Should've got more than one, then they stopped making them too. Yes, a lucky one indeed.

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