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tinyhttp error

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Ok, potted history; got the aw3000 about 5 months ago and had used sonic stage for a while, until the update for CONNECT came out and had been using that ever sonce and loving it. Then I downloaded the Grace Note security update and CONNECT hasn't worked since. I've uninstalled it, re installed it from the disc and downloaded the update again, but not the grace note thing. CONNECT isn't working again, it shuts down after a few minutes of running and the error report that come up refers to tinyhttp ver 1.00.... I can't remember the rest right now. I intensely dislike Sonic Stage 4, after using CONNECT for so long, it's shoddy in comparison. What's a girl to do? I'm now the proud owner of a very expensive paperweight. :sad:

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Welcome to ATRACLife! :)

Once you've uninstall CONNECT Player, perform a registry integrity scan with CCleaner. Then, reinstall CONNECT Player and perform the registry integrity scan once again if the problem persists. Hopefully, this will resolve your problem.

Otherwise, please report back with additional info as per instructed by our rule guide.

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