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Headphone jack suddenly dead on MDS-S707

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Hard to say. Do you know anyone who is smart with soldering? I recommend that person, or an electronics repairman, orrrrr yourself if you are fearless. The stuff still feels like the wave of the future but I have to keep reminding myself how old this stuff really is. And most of it was NOT made to self destruct. So it has lasted really well but I guess there will be some odd breaks here and there. One easy thing to do is to look into the headphone jack for debris. Try to clean it out with a canned air duster. Also if you are brave, try to open it enough to look for a broken wire leading away from the jack on the inside. It might be a solder issue also. I'd say the easiest fix if possible is to use the line out jack if the player has one. Or,... maybe eBay a new one? I bet someone out there also has to have good advice?

Or.... as silly as it sounds... try turning the volume up or look for any kind of weird function the player has... it try a different MD or think about any kind of possible user error before tearing that sucker open just to avoid any self face-palming or lost cash/equipment.

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