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CONNECT Player gone mad! [Problem Solved]

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songs don't get deleted by themselves ever, no computer is that clever to remive them, there has to be some order from the user to remove them. I can think of only a few reasons why this would occur.

1. you selected the songs to be deleted from the device on the device.

2. songs went missing from the playlists on the pc if you used one.

3. songs were removed from the library and they will be deleted from the device as well.

did you do anything to the database on the device or in the library?

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it happened when i tryed to run the keywizard of GYM so the original datbase was backupped and then in the new i added GYM's files and after that process all GYM's files(without delete them form the library)were automatically delted so i gave up the keywizard and restored the original database and connect didi this "joke" again (i closed connect before restoring the original database obviously)

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very thank to all for the big help!

anyway i solved the problem

Please be sure to post your solution for the others who has the same problem and what can be done.


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