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Lip-4wm convert to Lip-3wm for mz-n10 or e10

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Dear. Forum's family.

So long time no see. :) Don't you forget me. I'm one of the minidisc user Living in Korea. (^^*)

Recently, I didn't have something special to write down the post.

And this post's work is done long times ago; almost 5~6months ago.

I have many e10 (over 30) and I worry about the their inner battery's life.

However, I found the Lip-4wm is the same size as the Lip-3wm, So I have

converted 4 to 3. They only has the 30mA difference of their capacity. (4-370mA , 3-340mA)

First. You take off the 4 and 3's cover.

Second. Cut the circuit parts of them.

Third. Put the 3's circuit parts to 4. It's Finish.

It's really easy..(^^*) and great working in my mz-e10. Lip-4Wm is still selling the some market.

If you need change the battery of your mz-n10 or e10. You will take this method.

Thank you for reading my post.








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That's pretty impressive qualia017!

I swapped out the LIP-3MW in an N10 a few years back and it was a huge pain. I can't imagine opening the e10 and getting it back together again!

Thank you. Azureal. (^^*)

I wish you will use the your n10 and e10 again as soon as possible. It's very simple method.(^-^)/ Many(some..T-T) Korean users using this!+_+;;

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I changed my N10 's battery the same Way.

It works Great .

But it ain't very easy for somebody not being used to fiddle with small Electronics.

Great pictures btw Qualia ;-)

Thank you. punkrockaddict.

I think it's only way to solve the n10 and e10 's battery problem. (^^*) Thank you for your comment!

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hey folks

just bought a MZ-n10 before relizing the battery problem, just wondering if any more ppl found this fix usuefull, i could buy the new battery on ebay for 60 bucks but i wouldnt be able to install it, im in australia and will probably search for a sony repair store to put this new battery in

anyone else have success with this new fix?


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so this N10 arrived today with the suspected bad internal battery. i tried to charge it and it said it would be fully charged in 7min!. so then it stoped charging so i played a disc and it had full bars but went flat in about 1min. so i charged it again and it said like 3min to fully chaged. now it doesnt even turn on.

anyone know whats happeing here?


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Standard operating procedure for old Li batteries of any size, shape or age (except brand new). Or in the words of Winnie the Pooh "Crustimony proseedcake".

It's indeed possible that the battery is ok and the fault lies with the charging circuits. They have to be calibrated (by voltage) when to turn on and when to turn off. I have done this for other models following the service procedures laid down, so far only for NiMH batteries. I have no experience with LiIon getting out of whack in MD gear - probably I have been lucky. It may also happen when the contacts are simply bad. So some cleaning is maybe recommended, provided you know what you're doing.

We (I at least) recently learned of technology that revives batteries. I'm sure there is a Li Ion version of the amazing BC700 (for NiMH) which I acquired recently thanks to a member here telling about it. Someone may chime in here with the details, and this is better than me blindly recommending something of which I have no direct experience.

Yes, I have seen this with RH1 battery, but it always revived in the end (the RH1 takes the LIP-4WM mentioned by qualia017). Typically when the battery is kept near 100% all the time and recharged every night, only discharging slightly when someone takes it walkabout for 1/2 hr. This is actually the situation with a lot of cell phones too.

No, Li Ion batteries do not last forever.

My advice:

1. attempt to discharge the battery safely. To "reset" the functioning of Li batteries it is absolutely necessary to discharge them below 30% every few months. Do NOT do this by shorting out the terminals - BANG! POOF!

2. When you recharge (and this is the same for ALL Li Ion batteries) do not draw power (use the machine the battery is powering), until charge is complete.

3. Make sure you have a really good power source, some USB based supplies are very wimpy.

Only if none of this does any good, should you consider the trick of buying fresh battery and modifying it as per the steps outlined by qualia017. IMHO.

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