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Watching movies from usb question

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I have a sony bravia KDL-46V3000 and im not sure if i can watch movies from the usb stick on this tv?when i put the usb in it flashes but the tv does not reonize it i formatted it to fat32 and have a small mp4 movie on it but it wont work,does this tv have the cap of playing movies from usb maybe someone here knows the answer..thanks

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Right, so from that price you must have bought it some time ago.

Get the Samsung PLAYER (never mind about Samsung TV) and put its output to the TV you have. When I read "All I want to do" or "just" (admittedly not the "just" in your third sentence) I always respond "life is n e v e r simple".

Good luck.

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Try updating the firmware?

Sony's TVs have beautiful picture but not very good firmware. Even with the update I am not optimistic. I run something similar with the network connection, using DLNA, and there are too many restrictions on which files will play.

Two recommendations:

1. A DLNA server such as KooRaRoo (www.kooraroo.com). Free to try and license is under $50.

2. A Samsung BD player (they vary hugely but you should be able to pick up a refurbished on on Ebay for $50-$100) such as BDP-E5400. These players mostly have much better firmware to carry out the task you have in mind.

If you use the DLNA server to store your movies, you don't even have the hassle of copying on to USB sticks.

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how do i update the firmware on thiis tv? all i want to do is transfer movies to usb then put it in the tv and watch.

i just read this.

This USB port is for service only unless you are connecting the optional BRAVIA x external module

if this is true i will never buy a sony again a samsung tv half the price will play from usb,and my pic is also messed up liners throughout the screen,it takes 1 hr to simi clear up..

that is a joke since i payed over 2000$ for this crap.

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