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Deleting omg files

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If you look at the properties of the track in SS it will give you the location of both files. If I recall all the converted files by default go into a folder called "Optimized Files" which is a sub folder of wherever your main library is located.

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Yes, it is true as AVITWeb says; there is an option in the 'transfer settings' to instruct SS to delete the converted files after transfer.

However, i'ts still always a good practice to take a look in that default folder or follow that file path because, in my experience, the deletion doesn't always happen --- for reasons that remain a mystery to me. {I guess computer programs sometime ignore instructions and do want they want to do just to defy the humans.}

Don't forget about clearing your Recycle Bin either, if you do have to perform a manual deletion. My two cents.

Happy Transferring,


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