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Sony receiver - advice sought

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Hey all,


I'm looking at pairing a receiver with my newly-bought JE480 deck.  I'm not looking for anything fancy, and I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this: 




I can get it cheap enough ($160 cdn), and reviews seem OK.  Any serious objections?  Should I look at something else?  Better bargains for something comparable and not much more expensive?  

Any thoughts would be appreciated!




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Especially, compressed audio (SP seems mostly exempt, thanks to good engineering and plenty of spare data to paper over the gaps) seems to benefit from the upsampling (usually internally to 192kHz) that happens with the optical output from LP2 and LP4.


If you don't need the greater clarity by all means go ahead with plan A. Seems a shame to us MD nuts, though.


I would go for something older (is second hand an option for you????) or more expensive that has optical (or coax digital) input. The problem of getting optical out from your MD deck you can deal with later (either by getting a deck that has it, or by :fixing: your JE480).



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I realise you'll have to find some way of getting it to Qatar from the UK, but how does this look to you:




Forget 7.1, 5.1 is plenty good enough no matter how complex a system you eventually want. This one has optical in and out.

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