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wanted: red Dh10p

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I know, I'm crossing everything I can :-P

I've seen them available on yahoo Japan a couple of times in the last year or so - US$200 is the minimum winning bid. I saw some sort of link a few days ago, around 38,000 to buy - 32,000 for a black one (¥).

And, of course, if a forum member does have one, they would have to be willing to past with it, and be interested in the units I have to trade (which are too many to list hehe), and for the right value so that everyone is happy.

Wishful thinking, but no-one will be hurt by it ;-)

Anywho, my black and silver ones look a little sad, and would like to be reunited with their long lost sibling.

The dream is still alive



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$200 is a lot but doesn't seem that bad given what I've seen those things go for (even the 'popular' silver colour)!  Those things seem to have astronomical prices on ebay.com when listed, though I doubt anyone ever buys them. Cool that you have both black and silver already...I have a silver one myself and I thought even owning a black one in the US was quite rare, nevermind the red version.  Wish you luck in finding a red one--I'm sure one will pop up in your searches on Japan sites sometime. 

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