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Order New metal sticker anothor design.

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Hi. Everyone.


How have you been? I wonder many forum's members didn't remember me. T-T;;


I have visited so many times, but I didn't write down. But I always enjoy my


minidisc life. Recently, I have orderd metal stickers. They are different design which


made previously. It's a our Korean minidisc communities annual project. We


orderd these only 1times during a year. We choose new design about MD walkman


and It's a sony logo. I think the md walkman is really beautiful. It's size only 10x10 (mm)


I'll write down the another post when I use some more stickers. See you soon.


Thank you for reading my post.   





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Thank you, Danny. I want to write more post, but I didn't write down well in English..T-T;;


Thank you, too. Another MD. In my country, Korea. Our community has almost 350 people. But only some members enjoying their minidisc life. Maybe nearby 100.


Thanks a lot MDX-400. We order this, our country's metal sticker factory..(^^*) It's really good. almost 100 pieces of sticker is cheaper than $10.

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Dear. Sergio. It's long time no see. Recently, I have moved my house and some works made me very busy, I can't connect the forum.


I really appreciate your interest about our metal sticker. So, If you want them, I'll connect the company. And I'll send a mail that attached the


our quotation. But the quotation is almost 4 months ago, You'll just refer that your consider. And I don't know where do you live. So,


I translate the cost value in the dollor. Thank you for your interresting.

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