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Creative Cover Art/Packaging?

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I've been selling off my vinyl after recording them to conventional MD. I know the quality isn't equal but I wanted to keep a physical copy of the vinyl in some form.


Anyway, I want to make cover art for them. But more than that I want a good sized presentation for the discs. I have those MD flip cases that are like mini jewel cases but I'd love to store them in something a little bigger.


I was thinking of modding a normal MD case into a CD case so the cover art is a bit bigger but was wondering if anyone here has any creative solutions that they use? 


PRMD cases would be so cool but they are hard to come by and I'd never be able to justify the cost since we're talking about many records being recorded. 

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too lazy to translate in english


How To Create Your Own Custom Minidisc Labels

Press it, Audio MiniDisc Labels (60, A4)

Le logiciel qui va avec

La galerie du logiciel

Manque d'inspiration ? 

Gadins et bouts de ficelle

Un peu plus grunge

La référence : The MD label artwork thread v2.0

L'autre référence : Glossy Minidiscs - labeling made EASY - finally!

Encore en manque d'inspiration ?


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Thanks! I actually have a labeling system. What I'm asking is cooler cases. I want the labels to be bigger. I want the physical packaging to be bigger. I like the PRMD cases but they are hard to come by and pricey. 


So I was wondering if anyone has done anything interesting like modding a CD jewel case or something. 

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Canford Audio in the UK manufactured trays for MiniDiscs that fitted in regular cd jewel cases.  I saw them on their website fairly recently but I've just checked and they seem to have been removed.  It might be worth giving them a ring to see if they have any stock left anywhere as they may be what you need for your project.





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How cool! That's exactly what I was hoping for. I'll get in touch with them thanks.


And Philipe if you can 3D print things, I would totally buy 3D printed PRMD cases from you!


The other thing I might try is 200ft reel to reel boxes with a foam holding the disc in place. 

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Please let me know if Canford has anymore of these to sell. I have a whole bunch of empty CD cases lying around that I could use with these.


Also, if someone has the info to get these 3D printed, could you please let me know also. My friend has a 3D printer and I could get him to try it out for me. Thank you.

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This is a super rough version but I thought I would tackle this for fun. Seeing as canford doesn't have these inserts anymore, it does make sense to 3d print them. Seeing as I design 3d printers and 3d scanners, I'm never opposed to solving issues with 3d printing..


I'm printing this rough version now to see how it measures. I prefer to eyeball things rather than spend 4 hours with a set of calipers, too many other projects to spend 4 hours on, easier to just print and then tweak it.

Once I get things aligned correctly I'll chamfer the edges and bevel it.



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Updated 3D model. I 3D printed some tests and it fits. So I'm going to make master molds.


I can then produce these plastic jewel case inserts in small batches for sale or trade (mini discs). it'll take a few weeks before the final molds arrive though.

The rest of the world might have given up on Mini disc. but I haven't...



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ha that's cool. Might be a future project for me. Meanwhile I've been redoing the labels on my old MDs using MS Excel, an inkjet printer and a stanley knife. This is after BOTH of the MDP-1 label printers I got off Yahoo Japan auctions failed to power up despite being in pristine exterior condition in their original boxes : (









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Yeah I'm old too. I used to just copy everything I liked that my friends had at university in the late 90s. I was in a Japan club and they had a pool of jpop CDs where most of those recordings came from, all done on optical from a discman to an MZ-R30 which still operates flawlessly today. The recordings still sound great with that MD "kick".. some of the recordings came from renting from a Japanese convenience store in Sydney then too and from a couple of trips to Japan and rentals from Tsutaya in the early 2000s..this was when I loved Japanese pop music (among many other genres) but was too poor to pay what CDs cost back then, especially import Japanese domestic stuff (would run $50-$70 AUD when ordered through Australian music stores).


I just printed onto mailing labels and cut them up so they're self adhesive.


Hey how can I upload a file here?

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Sorry the screen grab didn't come out very well.


I've just adjusted row height and column width to match MD spines. Columns B and and D are there so I could easily put in short borders as a cutting guide without having a border all the way around the label that would be inconsistently cut.

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row height: 36mm

A, C width: 549mm

B, D width: 50mm


This leaves a little extra overlap at the end of the spine indent for labels on a disc, more on TDK discs than Sony. I like to cut off the extra after it's stuck on the disc to get a more flush fit.


These are nothing fancy of course, I've seen what that guy did with photoshop (has a lot of the same taste in Jpop as me) but I don't have time for that. I like to keep my discs clean too with all the original design and OEM lettering/icons visible.


This is for the more mimimalist/purely functional approach to archiving your discs I guess.

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Another software to create and print cover or label is Fotowall: http://www.enricoros.com/opensource/fotowall/screenshots/

It's a simple software to create anything from wallpaper to cd covers. You can also create custom size canvas for minidisc, in cm, and print it with good dpi (300). It's free, opensource, works on all systems (mac, windows and linux). Lot of functions like shadows, text (there are lot of pretty fonts to download for free on the internet), 3D rotating image, cd & dvd covers, effects etc. It's really easy to use.

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