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RH1 for sale. 210 plus ship. Has minor issues.

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I need money quickly to cover an emergency expense, and thus I am offering my old RH1 for sale.


The info:


No remote.

Battery holds charge just fine.

Comes with original charger and USB cord.

Lever is a bit stubborn, like it happens to all RH1s and needs to be pushed firmly to select the prior or next track.

The unit has a small problem in which it will lose power as if the battery had been removed, but it only happens when it's held in a specific way. Other times, it works just fine.

No dead spots on the display.

It uploads, records and reads MDs just fine.

Minor scuffs on the body, from normal use.


Paypal Only. Will ship to Canada and some parts of Europe if you cover the shipping. Australia and Japan are okay. Other countries, please contact.


Photos coming soon.


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foxglove, Sirius' RH1 has a power problem that will certainly a big problem for your live recordings if you move the unit. Unit price is certaintly good considering this problem if you can solve it. Please note that any Hi-MD recorder can record (PCM and Atrac) and upload any recording if it has been done by the same unit. "Provides PC uploading of audio recorded from microphone or line input" (see minidisc-org browser).

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