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Debating on downsizing my herd

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I've been debating on downsizing my MDLP herd for a little while now. I currently have 10 portable machines, of which 9 work pretty good and 1 works but has some issues. My units are as follows; MZ-MF810 (silver), MZ-R910 (blue), (3) MZ-N707 (in all assorted colors), (3) MZ-R700 (in all assorted colors), MZ-G750 (green/grey), MZ-N505 (orange). I use some of these on a fairly normal basis but the rest just sit on a shelf looking pretty. The N505 I use as my computer workhorse when I make mixes. The green and blue R700's I use to record concerts. Other than that, the rest just kind of sit a shelf. The silver R700 has the issues (that's why I have it sideways in the pic). It is missing the metal on the battery door but works when plugged in and the headphone jack is a little loose, I think. The LINE IN and MIC inputs seem ok though. I don't really use the N707's for anything except maybe listening to a disc on the go every now and then but not very often. They do have USB inputs though. I'm not too sure of what to do about this dilemma and was hoping for some input. Thank you.


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Me too;I am considering to downsizing my - smaller - collection but I am lucky, I need to bring the units ans all the packaging to France to do that on ebay France and leboncoin.fr, so this little complication brake my will power (power is a big word in that case).

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