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I presume you mean the CMT-M100MD?


If not, then you must mean the MDS-M100:


(added later) OK, my turn to apologise - there really is an MZ-M100, which is just an MZ-RH10 in mufti. But if you REALLY want the remote from this device you can pay $150 to buy it from amazon. It's worth about threepence and doesn't even have an LCD screen. I've probably even got one of those (the correct name is RM-MC60, I think) here but if it's for the purpose of reselling or refurbishing a complete MZ-M100 then this conversation is effectively over (ChrisG where are you? LA I always thought).

Perhaps your problem is a dead OLED, for which I sympathize. In this case you will need something with a screen.

Almost any of the MD remotes will do, if you check the topic a bit thoroughly on this board (use google to search as the search term MZ is too short for the local site search to comprehend, just add site:sonyinsider.com after the request), you'll find there are plenty that fit the bill.

I am going to say right now:

a. we don't email people - this is a discussion board

b. we expect that you are as good at using Google as we are (or at least will try). You could have found something in 10 seconds.

Thank you, and welcome to the board where we hope you will be a long-time and useful member.

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