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Any 64 bit drivers for Sony IC UX533 or UX543 ?

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Long time Minidisc user and glad to be still in operation in Windows 8.1 thanks to this forum.

Not looking to switch, but I'm down to my last 2 Hi-MD portables and 1 Hi-MD deck and thinking of replacements.

So I bought a couple Sony IC-UX533 and a UX543 (not arrived yet) as a possible replacement (because I use MD for unattended/timed/voice activated recording and pitch control up to 2x normal speed).

So... first thing I notice in Windows 8.1, is that when I connect the UX533, it keeps refreshing the device and can't connect to the internal memory.  I'm guessing the problem is the same as MD, that is, I need a 64-bit driver.

Any ideas how to make it work??  Much appreciated!

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Very unlikely.

More probably something about your Windows USB hardware.

If there's really a problem with unsigned drivers, I'd expect a logical error message.

None of Sony's current products require special drivers AFAIK.

One more thing, I'd be inclined to send them both back and get something from the ICD-SX series (712,813?), or possibly the NW-F885/6/7 (must get Japanese model if you want to play ATRAC files yourself rather than converting them).






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