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MZ-N10 Battery replacement

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Finding and fitting a replacement battery for the MZ-N10 needs a little electronic awareness and a bit of luck - the battery in the N10 is listed as having 3.5mm thickness and is 3.7v at 350mah - On ebay UK is listed item number 181291308343 which has the right dimensions to fit and the right rating except that thickness is listed at 4mm.
Anyhow here is the successful result - the ebay sourced item has a paper label that needs to be removed (easy) to allow it to fit readily. Things to note:-
1. Turn off the internal battery switch then remove the screw holding the scroll wheel in place
2.Open the MD lid, then remove the scroll wheel and ribbon cable complete (watch how the connector lock works)
3. Remove the back cover by taking out the remaining three screws - lift off (scroll wheel edge first).
4. Remove the battery ribbon cable from its connector (lift the cable lock)
then remove the battery.
5.Insert the new battery taking care to orient it with the leads correctly positioned
6 Carefully solder in the battery wires to the test points behind the battery connector - making sure of polarity
7 Assemble and test

Attached are some snaps of the process (the fine tipped battery powered soldering iron came from Maplin)

See here for photos (admin). Same thread, later post!


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Very cool!  But way above my pay grade...

Is that battery you received made just for the MZ-N10 and probably for the MZ-E10?  If so, I wonder how old the replacement battery is since Sony stopped making these units well over 10 years ago.  Are you able to get a full charge and hold it for awhile?

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Hi - The battery I used is just a brand new generic one, not made for these players specifically - the battery I sourced has the same specification as the Sony original, just a slightly different dimension - if you search ebay, I'm sure that you'll find them. Yes, (because the battery is new) they hold a full charge for a long time.

The original batteries are no longer available and as you say, Sony stopped production years ago - so many of the batteries fitted are at the end of their useful life.

These generic batteries will fit the E10 too.

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Thanks Sphig for this awesome discovery! I've been waiting for a solution for this for many years and Google search every 6 months or so to see if anyone has sourced a new battery. Found your thread and ordered mine 12/1, came today and I just soldered it in. Works great!

I only undid one screw (the one right above the scroll wheel). If you take that out and open up the door, the scroll wheel assembly slides off. Then I disconnected the ribbon cable to the scroll wheel and the battery. Pulled the battery out and soldered the new one in (without taking off the back cover). Reassembled and it's good to go.



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Howardvu - Thanks for your kind feedback, I am so pleased that you found it useful - You are absolutely right to note that only the scroll wheel needs to be removed........just needs a little more care in wielding the soldering iron in the confined space - did another myself a couple of days ago in the way you suggest. The N10 is one of the best players Sony made and it's a shame to see them consigned to the history books.

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Dear Sphig,
I want to thank you for having shared very useful information and experience to replace the original battery Sony LIP-3WMB not on the original.

Part number for Sony LIP-3WMB


My Sony MZ-N10 bought in 2003, continues today to work properly and to please high-quality sound. Currently I am using the original battery that is ordered from an authorized representative of Sony in Ukraine in 2011.IMG_6740.thumb.JPG.3a7026960c806287588e7 Also, I have a one sealed new battery Sony LIP-3WMB ordered in the same year. Unfortunately, the battery is already out of production and not available for ordering. About availability Order Battery Sony LIP-3WMB I learned from a representative of Sony in September 2015. By the way Sony battery LIP-3WMB also installed on the MD player Sony Qualia 017 Q017-MD1 (Q017MD1,Q017MD1N1,Q017MD1SP1,Q017MD1SS1).5698e03f9c827_QUALIA_017LIP-3WMB.jpg.f5d5698de4ed6331_qualia017_1.thumb.jpg.ac895698de501f845_qualia017_2.thumb.jpg.5b71

I have a few questions regarding your method installation 181291308343 battery. By the way the same battery could find on AliExpress under number 402040 3.7V 350mAh 402040 Lithium Polymer Li-Po li ion Rechargeable Battery For Mp3 MP4 MP5 GPS PSP mobile electronic part or 042040 350 mah lithium polymeer oplaadbare 3,7 v li batterij voor mp3 mp4 bluetooth headset 042040

1. As far as I understand your proposed battery has its own charge controller? So you were able to connect the battery to the Sony MZ-N10 without using the original battery controller Sony LIP-3WMB. The question arises as without using the original controller that is mounted in the battery Sony LIP-3WMB carried out to display the time on the battery charge, the display of the player? Photos below. Or this feature stops working? It will work properly player Sony MZ-N10 with an attached AA battery compartment, if you do not use the controller battery Sony LIP-3WMB?DSC06110.thumb.JPG.319bec5db8ef0f575bc2d

2. Why do you not use a new battery charge controller Battery Sony LIP-3WMB? Photos below. According to the method proposed in the article Jimma LIP-4WM Battery Rebuild. Based on your photos, a place for the charge controller from the original battery Sony LIP-3WMB should suffice. What do you think?
Thank you in advance for your reply. Sorry for my English.






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Hi - to answer the two questions...

1. The replacement battery has its own built in protection PCM and the functions continue to work as normal

2. Because the battery already has its own protection module, it is not strictly necessary to use another (effectively putting two protection circuits in series), but no harm in trying (I have done this series arrangement in a JVC XM-R70SL and it works fine)


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