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Post any or all of your personal DIY modifications to your MD equipment

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I thought this would be a really cool thread. I want everyone to post photos or explanations of any DIY mods you have done to your equipment. This includes any changes that you made to render a device different from factory stock. Example adding things to the circuits, modifying the body, battery mods...etc...


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Ill start with a mod that I just did to my hopeless MZ-R55.This was my first MD recorder EVER!!! I have had this thing in my "pile-o-electronics" and decided to play with it this morning. It is in pitiful shape....half the screen is cracked and the body looks like it went trough a tornado. I never expected this to work. I got out my 3V MD wall charger (the standard one) and plugged it in. It works PERFECTLY!!! lol!! I miss his little "buddy" of mine...lol!!!

I had one problem however, I lost my MZ-RH10 but have 3 standard gumstick batteries that went along with it. Of course they are so drained the device wont recognize them to start the charging process. BTW....I have posted a solution to this charging issue on another thread, but Icant seem to find it at the moment, the search feature of this site sucks! Also my fix doesnt want to work on this MZ-R55 anyway, so I was forced to take other measures in the form of a DIY project.

Anyway.....the piggyback charger from my RH-10 has different dimensions so it wouldn't screw on or line up with the contacts of the R55. So I performed this alteration. It looks like shit... I KNOW!!!...but I wasn't concerned with aesthetics because the thing is beat to shit anyway. I opened the chassis and soldered two wires (from old telephone cord..SO USEFUL THESE THINGS ARE!!!!!!!!) to the neg and positive leads that the correct charger would have seated into. Luckily the piggyback to the RH-10 was easily adaptable and accepted the wires, they clip in very nicely with NO soldering!!!!!!!!!!! Now its portable and works great!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out....not very much or interesting but I wanted to get a start on this thread because I would just LOVE to see what else everyone has done....The grey material you see in the original connecting holes is actually duct tape as an insulator....so please no hints or tips about how I could have done this better. I know it's a garbage shit job...I did it in 5 minutes. lol

PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE!!!!!!!!! :-)








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