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SonyMZ-R30 issues

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Dug out my Sony MZ-R30 minidisc recorder of 19 years old. Still boxed and mint. Going to use it for recording comedy gigs now (with permission) but having issues with digital dubs from CD. Using the official Sony mini optical to optical lead but it just won't put track markers on at the same point as the CDs. It definately used to but this was with differentkit but tried it on the Arcam, my PS3 and a basic Sony BDP player via a coaxial to optical converter. It either put no markers on or randomly does them. 

Any ideas? Could the cable be at fault or is it the recorder? I use the Synchro Rec mode but is that the fault?

Been looking at 2 new old stock MD full size decks but don't want the same issues
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From past experience, game consoles and Blu-Ray or DVD players don't transfer the track marks for some reason.  I am at a loss as to why they would not transfer from the Arcam CD player though.

I have never had any issues transfering track marks via optical to any MD deck or portable from any dedicated CD player with any CD.  The only difference is that I don't use Syncro Rec.  I just rec/pause the recorder, play/pause the player and then start them at the same time.  That might be worth a try but I can't really see why it would make any difference.

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