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WOW! Juppe!

Renato Rasmussen

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Hi everyone, here is a small update on SWEx.

In this realese I've fixed some small problems from the prev. realese.

-The window is now updated when the upload is finished.

-There is a progress thing when downloading.

The thing I'm working on now is to be able to upload a whole folder with MP3:s and to see them in folders in the same way as in MP3 file manager and to be able to move them from one folder to another.

I've removed this files, because it didn't work with an empty sony, there is a new one two posts down.

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The installation is the same as for ML_SONY see http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1623

except that you dont need Winamp.

The things you can do with SWEx is that you can drag and drop from other programs like windows explorer to SWEx to upload MP3:s to your sony device, you CAN NOT download it that way, for downloading you have to do it within the SWEx, for example: you can drag and drop a file from your Sony in SWEx to another folder in SWEx.

You can delete MP3:s from your sony by selecting it and press delete.

Thats the thing you can do today.

Let me know if you have some problem with SWEx.

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The program is great for taking music off NW-A3000 and doing maintence, ie add new album (and swex can be transported around on player :D ) .

Not so good for putting on initially after a reformat, no que facillity (Winamp and que one big download with ML_Sony is better).

one question what language are the tops off columns in, as in mine they are not english?

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swex runs good, really good! but i found some bug..

like i've uploaded around 600 songs to my walkman, but among them swex wouldn't upload bob marley and koacha. though they are the same .mp3 files... what's the problem??

i've checked. koacha is .wma ... that's the problem.

BUT!!! all bob marley songs are .mp3... so i dont really know what's that all about.

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