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Hi everyone.

I'm working on SWEx, but I have a little problem right now. I cant figure out how the folder structures works on the walkman, but I think me our someone else will figure that out soon I hope. So until that is fixed I dont think I will do any realese.

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Is there any source code for this, by chance? I've had an NW-S706F for a day, now - and really can't stand the SonicStage software, plus I just want to transfer my mp3s as mp3s, and SonicStage seems to refuse to do that (and converts to Atrac).

The app looks like it's written in C / C++ using MFC (looks like one of the old example apps which came with Visual Studio, pre .Net.

Any information I could find about it (or the file structure/format on the NW-S706F) would be great, thanks.



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It would be nice if we could see some updates for this software. So far, I didn't encounter any problem while using it but if Juppe could give us some news (or the source, for those who can code), that would be really appreciated.

Nice application, by the way. I have to congratulate Juppe for his work.

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