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Minidisc Math

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Any math geeks out there?

I'm trying to come up with a simple equation to help me find how long I can record in normal mode before having to record in MDLP2 due to disc space. So for instance, if I want to record 100 minutes of music on an 80 minute Minidisc, how long can I record before having to switch to LP2? Obviously the answer is 60 minutes but can someone help me find the equation for this? That way when I have 87 minutes to put on a 74 min MD or 18 minutes of space left and 31 minutes of music, etc...

I've been hurting my brain on this for a while and can't find an easy answer, although it seems simple enough.

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I was always last in math :) Unfortunately there were future prize-winning mathematicians much ahead of me.

So if you want X minutes on a Y disk then 2Y-X is at SP.

What about the 3x3x3 cube of cheese? How many cuts do you need to make all 27 cubes? Why? (the future Nobel prizewinner got it; none of the rest of us did)

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